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CodeLite 16.4.0 - Weekly Build Sep 17, 2022.   What's New?
Windows Installer 64 BIT sha256: 98786b443a3e6f93f36226acbf14203397f1e39841d3f2acf6dace8f470f78dd
Ubuntu 20.04 Focal (64 bit, GTK3) sha256: 1bdba6c8c49063003b6131c26844af9a027ade6b429c3e50e78d9718fa6c88be

wxCrafter 3.0 - Weekly Build June 2, 2022.   What's New?
wxCrafter - Windows Installer 64 BIT sha256: 58059fc54e5df97e32aa1a66256b592867a0ddb12375984ebcaedf38022acfeb
wxCrafter - Ubuntu 20.04 Focal (64 bit, GTK3) sha256: b4a59931986296f5537383097f4f4a48aa92f0bb44cd2796f7b80d64bb2c7edf

CodeLite 16.0.0 - Stable Release released on April 18, 2022 What's New?
CodeLite 16.0 for Windows 64 bit Installer sha256: 6b817ef6b813e949c90472a6a349a70d9a33811e
Download CodeLite 16.0 tar.gz from GitHub
macOS: Install CodeLite from brew
Setup CodeLite apt repository for Ubuntu / Debian
CodeLite RPMs (Fedora, openSUSE)
Install CodeLite via Chocolatey