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CodeLite 15.0.2 - Weekly Build Apr 13, 2021.   What's New?
Windows Installer 64 BIT sha1sum: 1c29f241a92d60643d66e7ad8768fd8dd172bad2
Windows Installer 32 BIT sha1sum: 0ec375448976092815c50852d6015cca4c3ababb
macOS big sur bundle sha1sum: 8d06b161fed102d1ce20aa4ccfee57b39c5f4c69
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic (64 bit, GTK3) sha1sum: 866094f4e14047616b44eea94eb58c3d2b793357
Ubuntu 20.04 Focal (64 bit, GTK3) sha1sum: 6fcc0c82820d1be2a959f7afb496aff5d1c7a844

CodeLite 15.0.0 - Stable Release released on Feb 06, 2021 What's New?
CodeLite 15.0 for Windows 64 bit Installer sha1sum: 15bfa3986eef564b2bde3f12a0295099184d38c4
CodeLite 15.0 for Windows 32 bit Installer sha1sum: e20dc2bda6bdaee3157e89bd5fa802c74f5da8eb
CodeLite 15.0 App Bundle for OSX 10.15 sha1sum: 698b03c1adb70c473a747ea864cd4f64b28a523e
Download CodeLite 15.0 tar.gz from GitHub
Setup CodeLite apt repository for Ubuntu / Debian
CodeLite RPMs (Fedora, openSUSE)
Install CodeLite via Chocolatey

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